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Encounter / تلاقي 



Encounter/تلاقي  is a collaboration between Outburst Arts, 

الجمهورية al-Jumhuriya, and the British Council, developed for and launched as part of Outburst Queer Arts Festival 2019. Myself and close friend, fellow UsFolker and indeed the director of the agency, Mel Carroll, were given the reigns for the design, illustration and print of this crucially important and ground-breaking book. 


‘Encounter/تلاقي’ brings together contemporary Arabic writing that reflects on issues relating to the lives and experiences of LGBTQI individuals in the Arab-speaking world. By highlighting the issues that LGBTQI individuals face in their respective communities, the publication presents a nuanced look on those communities but also to affirm the universality of such struggle and the need for global solidarity and support. 

Between Universalism and Narrow Socialis
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