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Jamie Beard (1992 - ????)


Jamie Beard (née: Baird) is a Northern Irish illustrator, Oscar-nominated actress and all round 'It-girl' based in Belfast. His work, primarily centred around portraiture, is perpetually fuelled by a fascination with people and their stories, and notions of individuals and collective identity.


Much of his noted work to date has been rooted in issues of social justice and Belfast’s luminous LGBTQ+ community, aiming in some sense to convey a portrait of a community through the people and stories making it up.


Stylistically and thematically, Jamie’s work is driven by a Venn diagram - somewhere deep in the woods - between folk art, kitsch and queer, coated in a haze of 20th century pop culture.


Jamie's clients to date include Belfast Pride, Outburst Arts, Queen’s University Belfast, SPAR, The Naughton Gallery, Ulster Museum, The Young Foundation,

and Bywater.


Jamie is represented by Northern Ireland’s first and only illustration agency, UsFolk, where he also works as an in-house graphic designer and animator.




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