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OUTLAWS NI (2018 –)

OUTLAWS_Poster Artwork.jpg

OUTLAWS NI is an ongoing collaborative illustration and queer storytelling project between myself, Mel Carroll (fellow illustrator and director of UsFolk), and Outburst Arts. 


Since 2018, OUTLAWS NI  has been in development as a queer visual history of the gay male experience in Northern Ireland throughout the mid to late 20th century. Honing in on the themes and issues at the heart of this lived experience, and focusing closely on the 1970’s where one might say such narratives find their epicentre, Mel and myself have been inviting anyone with a story to tell to come and be a part of this unique venture as we aim to illustrate what often remains a hidden history in Northern Ireland, amplifying voices visually, with raw honesty and heart.

We launched OUTLAWS NI with a taster illustration exhibition as part of the launch of Outburst Queer Arts Festival 2018, and, following a hiatus for most of 2019 to allow for work on other projects, we are excited to now be steering the project into the 2020's.

If you or someone you know might be interested in finding out more or becoming involved with the OUTLAWS NI project, please contact

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